Five Beach-Island-Resort Pre-nuptial Locations near Metro-Manila

Five Beach-Island-Resort Pre-nuptial Locations near Metro-Manila Hot

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List of Five Beach-Island-Resort Prenup Locations close to Metro Manila.

Getting engaged and preparing for marriage is one of the most important milestones in a couple’s life. Couples choose the right venue where they can do their wedding activities since they want that day to be memorable and fun for them.

This also applies to choosing the best venue for conducting a prenuptial photo shoot. The best place where they feel at ease and happy are often the chosen spot for conducting a photo shoot.

Photo shoots conducted at the beach, island or resorts are one of the top venue locations for couples all over the world. This is because clear waters and the sun (or sunset) are great to have as a background for photos. Couples can have their fun and laid back photo shoot while still breathing an air of romance in their photos.

In this article, we will go through five of the best beach-island-resort pre-nuptial locations that are near the Metro.

Fortune Island

Do you want to have a Grecian or foreign look in your prenuptial photos? Then Fortune Island may be just for you. Fortune Island used to be a luxury resort but has now become a deserted island with ancient Greek-looking structures. These crumbling structures are what gives the majestic look in this island since it is located on the tip of the island. Fortune Island also has a trail leading to the cliff, a beautiful beach, and a shipwreck which is also great for photo shoots.

Photo by JFagela Photographyinquire

Klub Keluarga Batangas

Another great beach spot for doing a prenuptial photo shoot is at Klub Keluarga. The extensive coral and white sand beach is a great spot for couples how would love to have their photos taken on the sand and the sea. Its pristine waters, coconut trees lining the beach, and rock walls are great for fun and laidback photos. Staying in the cabanas along the beach will let you have a wonderful view of the beach at dawn and sunset.

Photo by Rock Paper Scissors Photographyinquire

Acuatico Beach Resort Batangas

This luxury beach resort is also located in Batangas which provides relaxation and comfort with its extensive beach and majestic pool. A favorite spot for couples doing their prenuptial photo shoot is their picturesque infinity pool that meets the blue crystal waters of the sea. Couples can engage in fun activities like kayaking and pedal boating for pictures that speak of sun, sand, and fun!

Photo by Bordz Evidente Photographyinquire

Capones Island

Who says you can’t have a vintage and rustic look with your beach photo shoot? At Capones Island, you can have a rustic background while still showing your love for nature and the sea. A rocky trail from the beach leads to the lighthouse above the rock cliff. This lighthouse started operating in the late 1800s to guide ships towards Subic Bay and Manila Bay. The top of the 65-feet lighthouse can be accessed through an old spiral staircase and rustic ladders. Old walls surround the lighthouse, making it perfect for a vintage and seascape theme.

Photo by Ruffa and Mike Photographyinquire

Crystal Beach Resort Zambales

A great beach location that showcases the true Filipino fun on the beach can be found at the Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales. If you are looking for a fun prenuptial photo shoot that will truly exhibit the fun and excitement that you have for the beach, then this spot is great for you. The beach front is lined with small nipa huts for lounging around and other outdoor activities like volleyball, surfing, and an obstacle course. Places which are great for conducting photo shoots are the kampsite, tent pitching area, tire swings, and the beach front. This is truly the place for a prenuptial photo shoot for couples who love to have fun at the beach and the sea!

Photo by Image Savvyinquire

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