Indoor Pre-nuptial Locations around Metro Manila

Indoor Pre-nuptial Locations around Metro Manila Hot

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Looking for Indoor Locations around Metro Manila for Prenuptial Shoot? Checkout this list.

Pre-nuptial photo shoots are a must for couples who are preparing for their wedding. Conducting their prenuptial shoot ensures that these couples can capture an important event in their relationship through photos. 

There are various things to consider when choosing the right pre-nuptial location such as the ambiance, location, theme, and price. Of course, couples would choose the best location that they are most comfortable with. For couples residing in metro manila, there are great indoor pre-nuptial locations that can offer the greatest backdrop for their photo shoot, even on rainy days!

Studio Namu

Studio Namu is originally from Korea and offers couples a one-stop indoor studio for wedding and family photos. This studio has 15 themed sets and backdrops for various themes that couples can choose from.  Some of their famous themed sets are the Café Room, Main Hall, Greek temple, Main Street, Old Castle and Church Altar. Studio Namu is becoming quite popular because of their high-quality sets that can produce the best photos that elicit various themes.

Photo by Quirky Creativesinquire

Bahay Lakan

A beautiful mansion that can instantly transport you back in time, Bahay Lakan is a great indoor prenuptial photo shoot venue for couples who would love to add a vintage touch to their photos. The fading wallpapers and cracks in the structure add a natural old look to this mansion, making it more rustic and majestic at the same time.

Photo by Veejay Jimenez Photography inquire

Casa Salome

Casa Salome is the perfect pre-nuptial photo shoot venue for couples who just love to have a touch of a traditional Filipino theme as their backdrop. The ancestral homes in this venue will be a great backdrop for both modern wedding attires and old Filipiniana gowns alike. The old structures and greeneries in the area add a flair of soothing romance for couples doing their photo shoot.

Photo by Studio Portrait Photo inquire

Ball Pit Manila

Couples who are kids at heart will love to hold their wedding prenuptial photo shoot at Ball Pit Manila. This adult playground in the city is specially made to let adults unwind and experience playing like a kid once again. With 80,000 balls, couples can jump, swing and simply have fun while doing their photo shoot!

Photo by Team Benitez Photo inquire

Industriya Marikina

If you love shoes, especially those that are Marikina-made, why not conduct your photo shoot at Industriya Marikina? This place used to be an old shoe factory but is now turned into a homey and vintage looking restaurant that has a window trellis and al fresco deck. Couples will love doing their photo shoot in this venue if they are aiming for a homey and relaxed look in their photos.

The Nook Coffee Books

For lovers who are tied with their love for Harry Potter and anything magical, the Nook café offers a great spot for doing a photo shoot without the need to travel abroad. Couples can lounge around on the tables and chairs indoors and outdoors with this Harry Potter Common Room-styled restaurant. With paintings on the wall and an indoor balcony, The Nook will surely bring a magical touch to your photos.

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