Beware of The Event Plus Wedding Coordinator

Beware of The Event Plus Wedding Coordinator

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Kauen Kay
Event Plus
Story of Kauen Kay Incident

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January 29, 2017

According to Kauen Kay (Client) The groom broke down in front of Event Plus because of anger. They really ruined the supposedly special moments of her bestfriend's wedding. The entourage flowers were mixed up, groomsmen and bridesmaids did not walk in pair, there was no throwing of bouquet, no speech from parents, no speech from best man and maids of honor. The couple were't even given a chance to thank everyone. 

It was really a big joke! We're so upset and we can't move on. Your assistant talks back and don't respect most of us, he's pre-occupied on his phone booking clients instead of focusing on his job. The groom's dad did his speech in the hotel instead in the reception. Event Plus stole all those important moments and instead of apologizing, they kept on blaming others and pointing fingers and demanded for the payment.

So guys! Beware of this Coordinator. If you check their facebook page they disabled the reviews section so no one will know how bad service they have.

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Other Victim

Name of Victime is Ana Gutierrez Torralba. So please beware of this supplier. They will not provide good service.

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