Beware of Timeless Bridal Memories by Verge Antiporda

Beware of Timeless Bridal Memories by Verge Antiporda Hot

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Rachelle Lao Velasco
Timeless Bridal Memories
Story of Rachelle Lao Velasco Incident

Details of Incident

July 17, 2017

I would like to share with you what happened between me and a supplier called TIMELESS BRIDAL MEMORIES c/o VERGE ANTIPORDA. They're from Sta Rosa Laguna. They now shut down the Timeless Bridal Memories FB Page and now operates Twinkle Weddings Couture and Events as an events planner.

Weeks before my wedding, I was looking for someone to preserve my bridal bouquet. I had someone else in mind, but she recently gave birth and sad to say couldn't accept my order. I asked around, even our wedding coordinator, if they could recommend someone else but they said they don't know anyone. Because I really REALLY wanted to have my bouquet preserved, especially when I saw how gorgeous it was on the day of my wedding, I went with Timeless Bridal Memories because they're the only one who responded to my fb message (among the several others I messaged).

Before agreeing, I looked through their FB page. At first I was hesitant because there were no 2017 posts, all were 2016 and older. Plus, there are no comments. (The reason they don't have comments on their page is because they DELETE customer complaints about them. They deleted several of my posts. I have screenshots for proof after they deleted my first post.) All posts are made by the vendor. I should have trusted my instincts. But since I really wanted to have my bouquet preserved, it clouded my judgement. I told myself baka natalo lang siya nung first option ko because they're both from sta rosa laguna, and my initial pick's work is WAY BETTER than theirs. So baka napaglumaan na kaya wala mashadong nagoorder. And I reasoned to myself, they were able to preserve Veluz, Zandra Lim, and Edward Teng wedding gowns. Ok naman siguro. But I was WRONG!

Here's the timeline of events:
Feb 13- Verge picked up the bridal bouquet in Crowne Plaza the day after my wedding. Initial downpayment was given and receipt of downpayment. Timelines agreed are 3-4 weeks.

Mar 5- Verge sent me a message saying he got into a "car accident" and needed the money to finish my order. I immediately thought this is the usual modus alibi but decided to disregard the thought because he personally picked up the bouquet and personally went to my office.

Mar 6- Verge came to my office and brought frame samples and got the remaining balance. Also gave a receipt of payment.

After that I never heard from him again. He only responded after I posted a scammer alert about him last April 1. He had THE NERVE to get angry at me and played victim. ANG KAPAL NG MUKHA!!! He said I "ruined his life". Well, it wouldn't post what happened to me if you didn't scam me! I immediately called him after reading his message (which I posted here) but he wouldn't answer. He never gave me a concrete answer about my bouquet until today. It's been Feb-July. 6 months already. I've been sending him messages that if my bouquet is already ruined, it is common vendor etiquette to give me my full refund because I didn't pay for a ruined item. Still no response to date. He blocked me in their Timeless FB Page and now they deleted it. I texted and called him. All ignored by the vendor. His receipts are fake receipts by the way.

Wedding suppliers are supposed to help make your wedding memorable in a good and happy way. NOT LIKE THIS! It angers me just the thought of having a business to scam newly wed brides?!! In his own words "Grave!!!"???????????? So I'm sharing my story and spreading the word about this bogus vendor. After my April 1 scammer post, his victims have been sending me messages, sharing with me their stories how they also didn't get their items. If that isn't enough proof that he's a scammer, I don't know what else is.

Please remember the name and warn your future bride friends about this vendor.

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