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Iiko Paraguison-Asuque
Annie/Cassie dela Paz
Story of Iiko Paraguison-Asuque Incident

Details of Incident

November 11, 2016

PLEASE DO NOT TRANSACT WITH NS PRINTING SHOP / PAPERENSTUFFS from San Miguel, Bulacan. Annie/Cassie dela Paz. Bogus supplier, manloloko, magnanakaw, estafador.

I ordered 200pcs notepads for a charity project (proceeds would go to a cancer patient), paid the whole amount and usapan was she would have it shipped and delivered to my doorstep by oct 28 because we would be launching the items in an event on the 29th. She said she shipped them via LBC and Abest on oct 27 but did not give me any tracking number. When I followed up on the 28th sabi nya 2-3days pa raw ang shipping! So we had to cancel our launching event because she was not able to deliver. ????????????After a week, hindi pa rin dumadating yung parcel ko so I asked for the tracking number (nun ko lang naalala na I had no tracking number). After a whole day of following up, she gave me one (LBC lang. yung Abest, wala). I called LBC, non-existent yung tracking number. ???????????? I called Abest, no parcel was in my name. ???????????? I asked her again. Daming excuses. When she finally gave me a legit tracking number, I checked in the LBC website and found out that it was just shipped on Nov. 4th, 10:31am.

The parcel arrived on Nov 5th. I ordered 200pcs notepads... Ang dumating 8pcs! Sobrang dumi ng pagkakagawa ang wala pang backing paper (I specified that when I ordered). We were furious! We called her up and she promised to refund. We gave her a whole week to make the deposit kasi hindi nya raw kaya agad agad. Sabi nya magdedeposit sya ng xxxx amount on monday, the rest either thursday or friday. She made a deposit on monday but not the agreed amount... Kulang ng 1k. And today is friday. All three cellphone numbers nya, hindi matawagan and she is not responding sa fb message.

We will be filing a case against them.

If you have any info about NS Printing Shop/Paperenstuffs (Annie or Cassie dela Paz) please do contact me.

Thanks everyone! 

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