Scam Alert! Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez of GRACE AND ELEGANCE

Scam Alert! Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez of GRACE AND ELEGANCE Hot

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Sarah Casinsinan Cortes
Mrs. Lhyn & Mr. Mark Bermudez
Story of Sarah Casinsinan Cortes Incident

Details of Incident

December 29, 2017

3 days to go and it's gonna be 2017. Change has come, yet others haven't. These CRIMINALS haven't been found.

I'm not sure if anong kilos at aksyon ang ginagawa ng PNP Manila and Las Pines Pulis at NBI. Hanggang ngayon, di pa din kami nabibigyan ng hustisya.


FEBRUARY 19, 2015, when my fiancé (who is my husband now) and I officially met Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez, one of “GRACE AND ELEGANCE" coordinators in their office located in Blk. 15 Lot 27 BFRV Drive Las Piñas. During our meeting, we discussed their offered wedding packages and one of those is PACKAGE B, which costs P198,888.00 + 10% Service Charge, (minus P20,000.00 promo). Thinking that it is a very affordable offer, we immediately told Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez that we will get the said package.

Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez told us that to book PACKAGE B, We must pay them P110,000.00 as soon as possible because the promo (minus P20,000.00) will expire soon. With full trust and without any hesitations, we gave the money that she asked for. That same day, we personally gave her P10,000.00 while the remaining P100,000.00 was sent via BDO bank transfer under the account of Mr. Mark Anthony Bermudez, which is the husband of Mrs. Diadem Bermudez, the sole owner of GRACE AND ELEGANCE (For those that're curious, they have the same surname because both their husbands are siblings).

On MARCH 07, 2015, Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez invited us to Bali Garden, one of GRACE AND ELEGANCE tied-up caterers, for FOOD TASTING. When we arrived at the venue, the food were immediately served and we liked it. We got no problems with the food and just right after the food tasting, Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez offered us another promo. She told us that if we pay them P12,000.00 as FULL PAYMENT FOR OUR CATERING SERVICES, Bali Garden will upgrade our dessert to include a DESSERT BAR. Thinking that it is a good promo and there is no harm in paying for our catering services in advance, we took the offer and gave her P12,000.00. Again, P10,000.00 was personally given to her while the remaining P2,000.00 was sent again to Mr. Mark Anthony Bermudez's account via BDO bank transfer.

On MAY 09, 2015, my fiancé and I went to their office in Las Piñas to discuss another one of the promos that they offer, the STUDEBAKER VINTAGE CAR. Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez said that if we pay P35,000.00 as an ADVANCED PAYMENT FOR THE PACKAGE B, we will get the car. Since we both love a vintage-themed car, without any second thought, we grabbed the promo. On that same day, she issued the Grace and Elegance ORs (official receipts) for the DESSERT BAR UPGRADE and STUDEBAKER BRIDAL CAR. (Note that both payments—P12,000.00 + P 35,000.00 are ADVANCED PAYMENTS)

After several months, around August 2015, Mrs. Marigold Mikeselle De Castro, another one of Grace and Elegance coordinators, told us that Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez NO LONGER WORKS at their company. We also learned that the payment that we gave to Mrs. Lhyn Bermudez were not received in full by Mrs. Diadem Bermudez. We immediately talked to Mrs. Diadem Bermudez, for fear of things getting out of hand. She told us that despite of everything that has happened , our wedding would still continue and it won't be affected. She assured us that despite of the mishap, our wedding won't be harmed. Thus, again, we gave our FULL TRUST to Mrs Diadem Bermudez.

On October 09, 2015, Mrs. Diadem Bermudez offered us another promo. Actually, they are rich in promos that are too good to be true. The promo is “IF WE PAY THE FULL PAYMENT OF THE PACKAGE B, WE CAN HAVE THE SUSHI BAR, PASTA BAR, ETC". As usual, we believed in them and grabbed the promo. So on that exact same day, October 09, 2015, we gave Mrs. Diadem Bermudez, the owner, an amount of P20,776.80 as FULL PAYMENT. Me and my mom personally gave her the money at their office located in Intramuros, Manila.

Feeling that we no longer have a problem with everything because we already accomplished all our payables, we remained calm and entrusted to GRACE AND ELEGANCE the success of our wedding.

Now here's the full story of their anomalies:

Because GOD is really good, we called Bali Garden for the confirmation of our booking. When we called, we found out the saddest truth. Our wedding day, February 06, 2016, hasn't been booked yet. We immediately called Mrs. Marigold Mikeselle De Castro and the owner, Mrs. Diadem Bermudez to clarify the situation. Mrs. Marigold Mikeselle De Castro told us that there's some error on the checking of the date. Thinking that that was really the case, we trusted them and went on with it. After a month or so, we contacted Bali Garden again to confirm if our wedding day has already been booked. Unfortunately, it was confirmed by Ms Marge Pobre, the owner of Bali Garden, that there's NO BOOKING YET. We also learned that Mrs Diadem Bermudez asked the secreatary of Bali Garden, Ms. Tin, to lie to us and tell us that there's already a booking if ever we called. It is the second time that we confirmed our booking for our catering services and there's still no booking yet! Even a single centavo was not paid for the catering.

FIRST GROUND: They lied about our catering services

Disclaimer: I have no grudge against the Bali Garden owner, only to the people who fooled us.

It is normal to be mad, right? When we talked to that thick-faced owner, MRS. DIADEM LANZA LACORTE BERMUDEZ, she was really sorry and promised that she'd fix the problem by paying the booking fee of P10,000.00. We trusted her to do the right thing, since we felt their sincerity by apologizing profusely when we had a meeting.

In order for our booking in Bali Garden to not be canceled, we shouldered the initial payment, on top of the full payment that we already gave to GRACE AND ELEGANCE. But why shoulder it? It is because the owner of the company has NO CASH ON HAND. Instead of cash, she gave us a check amounting to P10,000.00.

SECOND GROUND: They gave us a bounced check

When we are about to encash the check, another ground or failure was found. The check under the account of Mrs. Diadem Bermudez is already closed—"BANK ACCOUNT CLOSED". We immediately told her that the account is already closed but the she feigned innocence and told us that she doesn't know that her account was closed.

THIRD GROUND: Invitations were not given on the date which is stated in the contract.

It was already December 06, 2015, but our invitations haven't been released yet. It was stated in the contract that the "INVITATIONS WILL BE RELEASED TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE EVENT". Come December 21, 2015 and there's still no invitations released. When we talked to Mrs. Mely, Dyming's owner, which is their supplier for the invitations, she said that Mrs. Marigold Mikeselle De Castro, hasn't paid the 50% of the invitation fees yet. She only gave them P1,000.00 as an initial payment instead. Again, failure!

Disclaimer: I have no grudge against Mrs. Mely, the printing press owner, only to the people who fooled us.

Fourth Ground: Failure to pay 50% of the catering fee on time.

Fourth failure is their failure to pay the 50% catering fee to Bali Garden. Based on the copy of contract that we have between Bali Garden and GRACE AND ELEGANCE, it was stated that "50% OF CATERING FEE MUST BE PAID TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE EVENT". Come the said date, no 50% given to Bali Garden.

It was downright obvious that GRACE AND ELEGANCE and MRS. DIADEM BERMUDEZ were not able to perform their duties and responsibilities as a WEDDING PLANNER/ COORDINATOR. We have four grounds for us to decide to quit and ask for a refund of our money.

Fifth Ground: They no longer have a business permit (retired business)

So, without any hesitations, we immediately asked for the help of MR. RAMON TULFO of "ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO". We found out that GRACE AND ELEGANCE IS NOT A REGISTERED BUSINESS ANYMORE based from BUSINESS PERMITS AND LICENSING OFFICE (BPLO) LAS PIÑAS.

Mr. Tulfo was furious at them. We were, actually.

To cut the story short, Mr. Mark Anthony Bermudez, spouse of Mrs Diadem Bermudez, went to Tulfo's office and promised that they will return our HARD-EARNED MONEY worth P148,651.08, minus the money that's already been given to catering and invitation, on DECEMBER 31, 2015.

DECEMBER 31 came and went and NO MONEY IS RETURNED TO US! In short, there really is no effort to fulfill their obligations.

Sixth Ground: Failure to fulfill their obligations. Failure to return what is ours.

Please, we badly need your help. PLEASE SPREAD THIS POST TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE TOO.

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