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Everybody will leave once the ceremony ends. But the images we captured, stays forever.
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About The Jawiman Concept

My real name is Roy Howi Ramallosa. Jawi is from my nickname "Hawi", a name that my grandmother gave me when I was young. Hawi became Jawi when I was in highschool when my friend purposedly changed the first letter to J and I thought it sounded good so thus became Jawi and then when I turned 18, the legal age in my country, I became The Jawiman. I started photography way back in highschool then I went to Engineering school where sadly I wasn't able to finish due to the lack of passion for it. So I turned to my true love, photography. It's really amazing when you find that thing which you are really passionate about. If you are passionate with what you do, you require no money, rest is minimal, obstacles are seen as an oprtunity for growth, in short nothing can stop you from doing what you love. And that is me, I love photography.


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